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April 19, 2019

My G2Crowd Review On Slack

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My G2Crowd Review on Slack –



March 20, 2019

Work From Home Policy In Bay Area

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Interviewer: We are a Bay Area startup. We have flexible work hours and lots of perks. Do you have any question?

Candidate: As you spoke about flexibility, what is your “Work From Home” policy.

Interviewer: Oh, you can work from home at nights and weekends!

WFH In Bay Area

March 4, 2019

Joined Marqeta as Engineering Manager, Payments Platform

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I joined Marqeta today as Engineering Manager of Payments Platform. My last day at Roku was last Friday. It has been a nice one year and four months at Roku, working with some very cool AWS technologies along with Java based MicroServices. However, I wanted to try out engineering management and was looking for a team where I can build a strong management foundation for myself. Marqeta is a Pre IPO fintech and was just what I was looking for. My Roku colleagues gave me many management tips and I am putting some of those below. Please add more in the comments.

  • Have empathy for your team.
  • Trust, but verify.
  • Stay hands-on in coding for first 2 years as manager.
  • Always stay hands on. 60% coding and 40% people management is a good balance.
  • Finding weaknesses is easy, but finding the right strength of your team members is important and difficult.
  • No matter what you do, people will criticize. So don’t worry about it.
  • Management books, lectures are not sufficient. You must go through it and then you learn.
  • Don’t try too hard. Let the team play according to their own comfort.
  • Learn to delegate. New manager don’t do enough delegation and often take the more interesting tasks for himself/herself.

The head of talent of Marqeta Ali is the same person who recruited me from Salesforce to TubeMogul. Once TubeMogul was acquired by Adobe, Ali joined here. The first day of new hire orientation was great. As it’s payments industry, I have a lot of learnings to do. Please wish me all the best!


Above is a picture with my team at Marqeta. And the below picture is my last hour of my last day at Roku.


February 27, 2019

My G2Crowd Technical Review On Amazon Aurora

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My short technical review at G2Crown on Amazon Aurora –



January 20, 2019

My Webinar Talk at JUGBD on AWS Data Migration Service (DMS)

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I gave a talk yesterday on AWS Data Migration Service (DMS) in Bangla to Java User Group Bangladesh (JUGDB). The talk is in Bengali, so for non-Bengali speakers I am providing the link for the slides which is in English.


AWS Data Migration Service (DMS): Amazon’s Approach To Change Data Capture (CDC)


December 18, 2018

Roku Holiday Party 2018

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December 5, 2018

Recruiting Snakes and Ladders

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November 4, 2018

QConSf 2018 at Hyatt, Sfo

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I will be attending QConSf 2018 during November 5th to 7th at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco. I hope to get some good knowledge from this developers’ conference. Here are the sessions I will be attending day 1 (I have had a backup session for each one to be able to swap with my manager in case one of us dont like a session). Ping me if you are attending and would like to network.

Preferred Track : Microservices / Serverless Patterns & Practices
Backup Track: Optimizing You: Human Skills for Individuals


(1) From Winning the Microservice War to Keeping the Peace
Day 1, 10:35am – 11:25am

(1B) Incrementally Refactoring Your Habits With Psychology
Day 1, 10:35am -11:25am

(2) Reactive DDD—When Concurrent Waxes Fluent
Day 1, 11:50am – 12:40pm

(2B) Service Ownership @Slack
Day 1, 11:50am – 12:40pm

(3) Connecting, Managing, Observing, and Securing Services
Day 1, 1:40pm – 2:30pm

(3B) Whispers in the Chaos: Monitoring Weak Signals
Day 1, 1:40pm – 2:30pm

(4) Baby Got Feedback: How to Give and Take Feedback Like A Boss
Day 1, 2:55pm – 3:45pm

(4B) Serverless and Chatbots: A Match Made in the Cloud
Day 1, 2:55pm – 3:45pm

(5) Dropping The Work-Life Balancing Act
Day 1, 4:10pm – 5:00pm

(5B) Crisis to Calm: Story of Data Validation @ Netflix
Day 1, 4:10pm – 5:00pm

(6) 3 Common Pitfalls in Microservice Integration
Day 1, 5:25pm – 6:15pm

(6B) Empathy: A Keystone Habit
Day 1, 5:25pm – 6:15pm

November 1, 2018

Roku Halloween Party 2018

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September 25, 2018

Served as Panelist in Future of Cryptocurrency Trading – Bitcoin: The Dominant Coin

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I was part of this online panel and had great discussions with some very knowledgable people on the blockchain sector. There were one facilitator (i.e. moderator) and 18 panelists who were invited to join the panel. I guess via LinkedIn the Currnt team found me and invited me to apply for the panel last month. I am very glad that I joined. Below is a summary of what we discussed in this second theme the duration of which was about 2 weeks.

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