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November 10, 2007

GMail 2.0 and Windows Live Hotmail

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I have been using the newer version of GMail for the last few days and I like it very much. The first thing I noticed is that it’s faster than the older version. But the feature that I liked most is the Filter Messages like these action. Its wonderful and is saving me so many more minutes everyday. The other new action Mute takes out the message from my inbox, but I am not sure whether it archives it or deletes it do what with it. The replies by you are marked with a > sign in a discussion thread to easily distinguish between your responses vs the others responses. And of course the Contacts section has changed significantly in terms of visual appearance compared to other parts of the GMail. The embedded google talk now gives optionto show the list of contacts to chat in different sizes – tiny, small, medium, large.

MicroSoft made its Windows Live Hotmail available for general registration. I tool my new live id . At first look, I think the calendar, calendar sharing and task integration in it will be useful. They are giving 5 GB space to start with which is cool. Let’s see how it goes.


November 6, 2007

I joined as a Software Engineer

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I joined Salesforce in San Francisco yesterday as a Software Engineer. So far it has been a wonderful and competitive corporate environment. My manager took me to a Thai Cuisine for lunch and explained me how Salesforce is growing so fast! I will be probably assigned to AppStore and Phoenix projects soon after I finish my admin training next week.

Last Friday (2nd Nov) my Philips colleagues gave me a farewell lunch at Red Kwali in Milpitas. Although Jeff could not attend it and instead gave me a phone call to say good bye; everyone else in Philips Milpitas R&D team joined that – Imtiyaz, Brian, Dan, Jade, David, Tho, Ba, Franca. It was a nice time with them.

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